...in a private and secure environment.

Maternet (Maternity Network) is unique service for women who are pregnant. The premise of Maternet the more knowledgeable a mother is about her pregnancy, the more proactive she can be with her pregnancy. Maternet is not intended to substitute for informed medical advice, but provide a means to enhance it.

Maternet is built around the Personal Pregnancy Monitor, where you can maintain a journal of your pregnancy in a secure environment. each journal entry allows the user to put in how they are feeling that day, observations about themselves and their baby. All of the journal entries are then presented as graphs that allow the mother to view her pregnancy's progress.

Maternet's your own password protected Personal Pregnancy Journal that has the added security of Secure Socket Layer encryption to protect all personal information being sent and viewed across the Internet. As an added measure of privacy, Maternet does not collect any personal identification information, so all of our users are anonymous.

Maternet will consistently be updated and improved. If you have any comments or ideas, utilize the Comments page to submit them.